Go Fashion Share Price: A Look at the Apparel Retailer’s Stock Performance

Go Fashion (India) Ltd. has emerged as a prominent player in India’s apparel retail sector. As an investor, staying informed about the company’s share price performance is crucial. This article delves into Go Fashion’s share price, analyzes recent trends and explores potential factors influencing its value.

Current Share Price (as of May 8, 2024)

At the time of writing (May 8, 2024), Go Fashion’s share price is hovering around ₹1,000. Here’s a breakdown from various sources:

  • NSE (National Stock Exchange): ₹1,006.65 (live data)
  • BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange): Not readily available (data may be delayed)
  • Economic Times: ₹1,000.00 (previous day’s closing price)

Note: Share prices fluctuate throughout the trading day. It’s recommended to consult live stock market data for the most accurate current price.

Recent Trends and Performance

Looking at recent trends, Go Fashion’s share price has seen some volatility. While there’s no definitive upward or downward trajectory in the short term, it’s valuable to consider these factors:

  • Previous Close: The Economic Times data indicates a closing price of ₹1,043.35 on May 7, 2024. This suggests a slight dip in the share price as of May 8th.
  • Long-Term Performance: Value Research Online shows a 2.62% return on Go Fashion’s share price in the last year, indicating relative stability.

Factors Affecting Go Fashion’s Share Price

Several factors can influence Go Fashion’s share price, including:

  • Company Performance: The company’s overall financial health, revenue growth, and profitability significantly impact investor confidence and share price.
  • Industry Trends: The performance of the apparel retail sector as a whole can affect Go Fashion’s stock. Positive industry trends can boost the share price, while negative trends might lead to a decline.
  • Market Sentiment: Overall investor sentiment towards the stock market can influence individual stock prices, including Go Fashion’s.
  • Company News and Announcements: Any significant news or announcements from Go Fashion, such as new product launches, expansion plans, or strategic partnerships, can impact the share price. goc. technology

Where to Find Up-to-Date Share Price Information

Here are some reliable sources to track Go Fashion’s share price and stay informed about market movements:

  • Financial News Websites: Websites like The Economic Times and Money control offer real-time stock quotes and market analysis.
  • Stock Market Apps: Several mobile apps, like NSE Mobile and BSE Mobile, provide live share price updates and market data. goc. technology
  • Go Fashion Investor Relations: The company’s official website might have a dedicated investor relations section with share price information and financial reports.

By staying informed about Go Fashion’s share price and the factors influencing its movement, you can make more informed investment decisions. Remember, conducting your own research and seeking professional financial advice is essential before making any investment decisions.

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